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29th October 2021

10 Ways To Improve Your Team Culture

Culture isn’t a “sometimes” thing – it’s an all-the-time thing. And one place that understands that is the University of Notre Dame.  Whether you are a fan of Notre Dame or not is not important.  This email is to share with you a blueprint for your own family and business culture that I created after visiting… Read more »

21st October 2021

20 Coaching Lessons from 20 years at the UFC

Hindsight really is 20/20.  Especially after 20 years. This past weekend in Las Vegas, I cornered UFC fighter Jim Miller for his record-breaking 38th fight in the Octagon.  As I sat down in my office thinking what to write about the experience, I noticed something interesting about a trophy on my desk. The fact that… Read more »

14th September 2021

3 Stories To Make Others Stronger

There was once a smart, but selfish rat.  The rat always wanted to fly, but being born without the natural ability to fly, no matter how hard he worked, he never reached his goal. Due to his passion for flying, the rat befriended two eagles and came up with an idea. The rat taught the… Read more »

26th August 2021

5 Lessons I Wasn’t Prepared To Learn

The combination of joy and pain I felt this week taught me a lesson: Your human experience would not be complete without sorrow and suffering or levity and love.  Along your journey, if you are lucky, you’ll experience the richness of all those emotions in the same moment. When I faced my moment in South… Read more »

12th August 2021

I Wish I Knew These 20 Years Ago…

Some of “life’s tests” are interesting. Unlike the tests you took in school, life often gives you the lesson after you take the exam. The older I get, the more I realize how poorly I was prepared for many of life’s most important tests.   Although I went to high school, college and graduate school,… Read more »

4th August 2021

50 Success Lessons From My 50 Years

I can’t believe I’m writing this: Today I’ve officially been alive for half a century! That’s right – 50 trips around the sun.  I know, I know.  I can’t believe it either, but it’s true. Some people might not be excited to say,  “I’m 50 years old,” but I feel really good about it.   After… Read more »

28th July 2021

1 Question That Could Determine Your Future

I’m going to ask you a powerful question. And I bet you’ve been asked this question before. No pressure, but if you’re crystal-clear about your answer, you’ll have more success. And if you aren’t sure about your answer, you’ll have more challenges ahead. So what’s this magic question that can influence the trajectory of your… Read more »

20th July 2021

2 Powerful Ways To Change Your Brain ?

Whether you like it or not, your brain is going to be rewired by a powerful combination. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone.   In addition to your brain, the brains of tens of millions of people around the whole world will also be affected by the same phenomenon. If that didn’t sound hard… Read more »

13th July 2021

101 Ways To Raise A Champion

This blog may start off as “controversial,” but I promise it ends with “practical” ideas that will make you a better coach, leader or parent. When I was on the US Bobsled team, I had a Russian coach. When I asked him about the philosophy for raising children in the “Soviet Sports Machine,” he shared… Read more »

7th July 2021

5 Questions To Discover Your “Greatness”

If you’ve ever worked on a big project, you’ve probably realized that waiting to be ready or hoping for inspiration is just wishful thinking. After all, “Anticipation and Inspiration Have An Expiration!” There comes a time when you just have to get started – and if you’re a writer, that’s the moment when you have… Read more »