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The Coaching Greatness Program

Our program is composed of two different, yet complementary courses. After completing these two courses, you will be a more effective and productive coach. Since we believe you should have both courses to complete the Coaching Greatness program, we created a package discount that saves you the most money. Below are descriptions of each individual course.

Coaching Greatness Lectures


The Coaching Greatness Lectures course is composed of Martin Rooney’s greatest lectures on the topics of coaching.

Just Some Of The Things You’ll Learn In The Coaching Greatness Lectures Course:

  • The 5 Skills Needed For Successful Coaching Engagement
  • The Difference Between IQ and EQ
  • 5 Tips To Immediately Improve Your Ability To Connect With Others
  • The 10 Top Mistakes You Can Make While Coaching
  • 9 Leadership Secrets of the World’s Greatest Coaches
  • 10 Strategies To Increase Your Personal Mastery
  • How To Improve Your Ability To Communicate
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Coaching Greatness Workshop


The Coaching Greatness Workshop is the interactive, coaching mentorship course Martin Rooney has taught in over 30 countries around the world to tens of thousands of people.

In this course you will cover and use your course manual to rate yourself according to the:

  • The 5 most important and indispensable skills of a coach
  • The 10 super abilities of the greatest coaches
  • The 8 paradigms of a results-driven coach
  • The 7 actions of coaching success
  • The exercise for creating your Personal mission and vision
  • The Top 3 goal setting and career planning exercises
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Get both courses for only $595!

Save $200 dollars on the entire Coaching Greatness Program

Why do you need coaching greatness?

Like it or not, you are a coach

Whether you are a trainer, therapist, teacher, parent, athlete, co-worker or boss, you are also a coach. Throughout your day, you are given constant opportunities to either coach someone up or down. The most successful coaches in any industry are the one that have the ability to make someone more than before the time they spent with them.

Everyone you come in contact with is waiting for an interested coach to show them his or her potential and make them more. During Coaching Greatness, you will gain the inspiration to stop waiting and become that coach.

Why Coaching Greatness

Coaching is a Skill

Great coaches are not born, they are made. While you can agree many athletes are born with physical attributes that can lead them to greatness, a great coach requires much more than natural skill and talent. You may understand training, rehab, nutrition, and how to run a practice, but there are some other skills and mindsets about coaching you need to learn that you may have left unexplored.

Coaching Greatness contains the strategies to improve areas like your enthusiasm, empathy, leadership, goal setting, and engagement in order to make you more able to improve the lives of others.

Coaching is a skill

The world needs better coaches

If you can agree coaching is one of the most important jobs in the world, why is so little time is spent on educating people about the skills and mindsets necessary to improve as a coach? Although you probably meant well when you became a coach, this does not mean you have been armed with the appropriate information to guide you to high-level coaching.

Within Coaching Greatness is course work designed to turn your dream of helping others into a reality.

The world needs more coaches