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2nd July 2021

10 Ways To Be More Inspirational

I am writing you one last time from Oregon before I board my redeye flight for home. After a week in Eugene getting to watch the US Olympic Trials and tour the University of Oregon with legendary strength coach Jim Radcliffe, there was one last highlight to end the trip – my daughter Sofia competed… Read more »

30th June 2021

The Greatest Gift For Your Athletes, Clients or Kids

I am writing to you today from Eugene, Oregon – the place also affectionately known as Track Town, USA. For the last few days, I got to check off a “bucket list” item – I attended the US Track and Field Olympic Trials.  What made me cherish the event even more was I had the… Read more »

22nd June 2021

10 Ways To Fix Your Culture…With A CHAINSAW???

Until the beginning of the pandemic a year and a half ago, I used to go on what I considered great adventures. As an admitted sufferer of Wanderlust, I regularly found myself someplace in the world doing something interesting. Wherever I went, I would push myself to try novel and uncomfortable things.  In the days… Read more »

11th June 2021

10 Reasons You Need This “Vaccine”

After over a year of no travel or presenting as well as the daily challenges and obstacles facing my TFW network, you should understand why I am excited for things to return back to a sense of “normalcy.” As masks are being lifted and shots are being administered, I’m not sure where you stand on… Read more »

4th June 2021

Why I Suffered From An “Identity Crisis”

I admit it. Ever since I entered the “workforce” 25 years ago, when people asked me what I did for a living, I never answered I was a writer. When I landed in other countries and wrote my occupation on immigration documents, I never penned the word “author.” If I met a new person, I… Read more »

23rd October 2020

5 Steps To Make Your Big Dream Come True

If you have followed my writings, you know much of the inspiration comes from what I learn during my travels and adventures. And probably just like you, since the Covid-19 pandemic began, I haven’t traveled much.  I write today to remind you that even though you might not have been to many “dream destinations” lately,… Read more »

23rd September 2020

10 Coaching “Secrets” To Victory

If you are like me, after over 100 days of quarantine, you may have started getting used to staying at home. After over 20 weeks of rarely leaving my house, I was getting comfortable in my new homebound routine. Because I was getting cozy staying in one place, you can imagine I was both hesitant… Read more »

A Coach Has To Make This Daily Choice

Over the last five months, you may have wondered how “essential” your work is to the world at this tough time.  While I went back and forth questioning my own value to others, I thought back on a another job I once held that challenged whether what I did really mattered. In the summer after… Read more »

Why Coaches Should Eat Like Pigs

If you have followed me lately, you may know that I have become a proud parent of a piglet. She is an American Mini Pig named Miss Zuri after the U.S. state in which she was born. When we first got her and I started sharing her training videos, the most common question I received… Read more »

How To Be A Coach In “Hog Heaven”

Hog Heaven: an extremely satisfying state or situation. If you know about me, I am allergic to dogs. Unfortunately, I passed on that allergy to one of my daughters. As a result, I have never been able to have a puppy, or really know all the amazing bonding and experiences that come with owning a… Read more »