CG1: Coaching Greatness – The Lectures

The Coaching Greatness Lectures course is composed of Martin Rooney’s greatest lectures on the topics of coaching.

In order to build the lectures contained in this program, it took over a decade of work, travel, experience and time.  Each year for the last 10 years, Martin was tasked to uncover another core concept important in coaching and present these topics as lectures around the world.  These lectures were then recorded on location. To have had access to this information, you would have had to travel and attend these lectures which would have cost thousands of dollars.  And if you could have seen them, you would have only seen them once. But with the Coaching Greatness Lectures course, you get lifetime access to this timeless coaching information.

This course is built of 9 Total Modules with over 60 individual videos.  Each module took years to develop. 

Below is a list of all the modules and lessons you get immediate and lifetime access to once you register for the course.

These lectures will give you the necessary and often overlooked knowledge how:

  • To be a more motivating and inspirational coach
  • To get greater results in less time
  • To help more people to reach their potential
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CG1: Module 2 - 8 Paradigms of a Great Coach

The way you think about something or solve a problem is called a “paradigm”. In this module, Martin is going to cover 8 essential paradigms you need to embrace in order to take your coaching to another level.


CG1: Module 6 - Top 10 Mistakes I Made Coaching

The black belt is not the person that made no mistakes; he or she is the one who made all of them and just doesn’t make them anymore. In Module 6, you will learn some of the big mistakes Martin made while coaching. Learn from his mistakes and then you gain the benefit of not having to make them.


CG1: Module 7 - Leadership Secrets of the World’s Greatest Coaches

Success leaves clues. If you want to be a great coach, then it would be wise to study great coaches. In Module 7 you will learn both the coaching techniques that high-level coaches have used as well as the resultant characteristics in his and her athletes that were produced.