5 Steps To Make Your Big Dream Come True

If you have followed my writings, you know much of the inspiration comes from what I learn during my travels and adventures. And probably just like you, since the Covid-19 pandemic began, I haven’t traveled much.  I write today to remind you that even though you might not have been to many “dream destinations” lately, that is no excuse to stop dreaming big.
In fact, if you follow the lessons I have for you, the big dreams you create could still make 2020 one of your best years yet.

And how do I know?  Because in the case of my oldest daughter, it worked for her.
Now before I share my 5-Step Blueprint how to make your dreams come true, don’t think I am going to sugar-coat anything.  Dreaming big is harder than it seems, especially because the last half year hasn’t been easy for anyone. In addition to negatively impacting people’s health, jobs and security, these last seven months have also stolen big dreams.

And the reason for this theft is simple: When you are focused on current circumstances that put you in a state of anxiety, it is easy to lose sight of your big dreams for the future. That is why my goal today is to push you to spend some time focusing on where you want to go instead of just right where you are.


When we originally went into quarantine, I wasn’t just worried about where I was going, I was also concerned about how this dream-stealing experience might affect the future of my children. If you are a parent or work with kids, know their perception is their reality.  Maybe their career isn’t in jeopardy and they don’t understand politics, but when you are a kid watching the world face the unknown while being bombarded with a constant stream of fear and negativity, it would be easy to have let the last seven months steal away your big dreams too.

During this time I have watched kids give up their big dreams of sports and stop training.  I have seen kids alter their big dreams about college and retreat into their rooms and onto their phones.  In particular, I was most concerned my oldest daughter Sofia might do the same things since she missed a critical period of time that was essential to a big dream she had held for so long.

But amid it all, she surprised and inspired me with a positive attitude.  Even though she could have let the lack of a facility or equipment stop her, she impressed me with her work ethic. After thousands of pushups, goblet squats with household items and track workouts on the street, she enlightened me to never let your current circumstances define your future possibilities.


You might think she kept persisting because of ability or habit.  Maybe you imagine she was driven by her dad.  But I know the truth:  she kept going due to the simple fact she kept on dreaming big.


When her junior school year, her track season and prom were cancelled, she kept on dreaming big.


When her senior year started online and she went months without seeing her friends, she kept on dreaming big.


When colleges didn’t have answers what would happen and admission was looking bleak, she kept on dreaming big.


Her big dream led her to only work harder.


Her big dream wouldn’t let her give up.


Her big dream helped her find a way.


And that is why even amid the chaos, she considers 2020 one of her best years yet.  I couldn’t be more proud to announce that everything she did was not in vain.  Sofia has just realized her biggest dream: he has officially committed to run track next year at her dream school, the University of Notre Dame.

How did she make her biggest dream a reality? I have the simple blueprint for you:


5 Step Blueprint To Make Your Big Dream Come True

1. Invest In “Dream Time”

Before you can have a dream come true, you first have to have a dream.  And the only way to develop a dream is to invest some time in dreaming. Dreaming about what you want doesn’t just take discipline. It takes more courage than you might think too.

Action Item: Take some time to write down the dreams you would like to happen in your life.  And make sure those dreams are big!


2.  Commit To Your “Dream Board”

After you have your list of big dreams, I challenge you to commit to a few of them.  One way that Sofia committed to her big dream was by creating her Notre Dame “Dream Board.”  By making her big dream public and that big dream the first thing she saw every day when she woke, her big dream always stayed at the top of her mind.

Action Item:  Make your “Dream Board.” It could be a list placed on the mirror or kept in your wallet.  It could be photos and images that represent your big dream.  Do this in a way you are constantly reminded of what you want to happen.


3.  Make Your Big Dream “Smaller”

Once you have selected your big dream, in order to achieve it, you are going to have to make it smaller.  I don’t mean for you to make the big dream into something less; I am asking you to break your big dream down into the smaller pieces that need to occur to make the big dream happen. In Sofia’s case, it helped us set goals for workouts and grades as well as goals for her nutrition and sleep.

Action Item:  Take a look at your big dream and decide what are the smaller goals that need to happen to make the dream possible.  Discover the “hurdles” in between you and the dream and address the nearest one.


4.  Take A “Dream Catcher’s” Appropriate Action

With the small pieces of the big dream in place, you just need to take small daily actions.  Ask yourself the simple “dream catcher” question: “Is what I am about to do getting me closer to achieving this goal?”  If the answer is “yes,” do it.  If the answer is “no,” get yourself back on track.  The small goals were a great gift for Sofia during this time of uncertainty.  When others were paralyzed by doubt, she just took another small step forward each day.

Action Item:  Write down your big dream “to-do” list every day.  And then do what is necessary to get the items on that list done.


5.  Make “Don’t Stop Believin’” Your Mantra

If you have done steps 1-4 of this blueprint, the only thing that can stop you from your dreams will be giving up on them.  To get what you want, you are going to need to stay consistent and stay the course.  I’ll admit there were points I wasn’t sure if Sofia’s big dream was going to happen, but she proved me wrong because she wouldn’t believe it wasn’t possible.

Action Item:  Don’t quit!  And if you ever lose some consistency, put on the song by the band Journey and review steps 2-4.

When Sofia found out about Notre Dame, we all huddled up as a family and cried.  It was an amazing moment I wish for every family at this tough time.

You might think it is safer now to give up on big dreams.  My purpose was to remind you that without a big dream, great moments rarely happen.


Dream big and you just might surprise yourself.

Yours In Strength,


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