Public Speaking Secrets For Coaches

Over the last 20 years, I have delivered hundreds of speeches in over 30 countries around the world. I have had the opportunity to talk to groups of people as small as two and as big as five-thousand. I don’t write that to impress you, but to impress upon you whether it was a Fortune 500 company, professional sport team or sales meeting with a couple, I always treated each presentation as equally important. As a result of that consistent desire to succeed and improve as a presenter, at every one of the talks I always learned something new.

This very week, two years ago, I decided to share all the lessons I have learned about public speaking, and the process I use to deliver “standing-ovation-worthy” presentations.

After painstakingly compiling the information, a number of months to eventually shoot the information on video and build the step-by-step manual, Presenting Greatness was born.

I now know this project is one of the most important I have ever undertaken. This project is so important because not only will anyone who uses Presenting Greatness be a better speaker, but the results of the messages they are now better able to deliver can positively improve the world.

I couldn’t be more proud of the result of all the hard work. At over 60 videos, Presenting Greatness is a library of everything you need to know from planning to performing at your next event.

I created Presenting Greatness to teach you the “secrets” I have learned while sharing the stage with top presenters over the last two decades. What I didn’t expect during the process was that I would discover even more of these secrets. I go into much greater detail on the course, but here are some simple, yet provocative and profound “secrets” I have learned about presenting that can help you:

10 Presenting “Secrets” You Need To Know

  1. Your audience will not remember much of what you said. But they will remember how you got them to feel. Learn to make them feel great.
  2. Your presentation is not really about you. You need to remember it is all about your audience. Give them things that make them better and you will succeed.
  3. Share with the audience what you want them to do, not just what you know. Your speech will be more successful if you are more concerned with provoking change than just being entertaining.
  4. Although powerpoint is helpful, you are the most important visual aid. Make sure you work on your attire, posture, and presentation skills.
  5. Practice may not make perfect, but it will get you more applause at the end of your talk. Find the practice methods that work for you, develop your routine and stick to it.
  6. It’s normal to be nervous before a presentation. A little adrenalin is a good thing. It shows you care and will make sure you put in the work. If you are too nervous, see #5 above.
  7. You might not be as funny as you think. Make sure you really know your audience and your material before you try to add jokes and humor.
  8. You may have heard “it’s not what you say, it is how you say it.” Don’t believe it. Successful presenting is what you say AND how you say it. Learn both.
  9. You may not like to hear it, but every presentation is a sale. You are either selling them or they are selling you. Working on your sales skills is a must.
  10. The most important and most difficult presentations to sit through will be your own. Video and feedback from others will be painful at first, but necessary to improve over time.

Speaking is a skill. Once you understand things about presenting like the points above, then you have to actually put them to use. In Presenting Greatness, I take you step-by-step through my process to make sure you take action.

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After helping hundreds of people to improve their speaking skills, I guarantee once you access Presenting Greatness and follow my step-by-step blueprint, you will become the confident and powerful speaker of whom you have dreamed. Whether it is a five-minute speech at work, selling an idea or product or at work, or standing up in front of 1000 people, Presenting Greatness will have you prepared to shine.

I look forward to sharing my speaking secrets to help you help more people.

Speak Inspired,

Martin Rooney

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