Like It Or Not, You Are A Coach!

Whether you are a trainer, therapist, teacher, parent, athlete, co-worker or boss, you are also a COACH.

I believe everyone is a Coach.  Whether you are a parent teaching your child to ride a bike or swing a bat or giving a co-worker confidence before a big presentation, we are all coaches for someone.  To be a great coach is not just about the X’s and O’s of a sport, it is also about the ability to bring more out of a person than they thought they were capable. A coach is there to inspire and instill confidence in his or her players in order to do his or her most important job: to believe in these players when they don’t even believe in themselves.

While you can agree many athletes are born with physical attributes that can lead them to greatness, a great coach requires much more than natural skill and talent. You may understand training, rehab, nutrition, and how to run a practice, but there are some other skills and mindsets about coaching you need to learn that you may have left unexplored.

If you can agree coaching is one of the most important jobs in the world, why is so little time is spent on educating people about the skills and mindsets necessary to improve as a coach? Although you probably meant well when you became a coach, this does not mean you have been armed with the appropriate information to guide you to high-level coaching.

Coaching is a skill and the world needs better coaches.

Unfortunately, what I found is there is not a lot of education out there about being a great coach. Exactly why I have dedicated over two decades of my life to coaching and the reason behind why I created the Coaching Greatness programs, because the world needs more great coaches and it is my purpose in life and mission to do my part to help produce them.

With two different courses composed of over 100 videos totalling 25 hours of content, you will see Coaching Greatness is unlike any other online program. Because Coaching Greatness examines the less explored, yet necessary strategies needed to become a more effective coach, you will gain an advantage over those that lack this information.

During Coaching Greatness, you will gain the inspiration to stop waiting and become that coach and for the next few days, until 9am on Friday 12th, you can register for both Coaching Greatness Courses at over 50% discount. Click below for your discount and to learn more.

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The best coaches in the world aren’t just the ones being paid millions at top professional and college teams.  They can also be helping a kid you will never hear of through a tough time or saying the right thing at the right time to a friend that needed to hear it.

Coaches are in the trenches everywhere and regardless of their Win/Loss record, they are in a position to make a difference. Check out the Coaching Greatness courses and I promise you will not only have a greater appreciation of what it means to be a coach, but also a roadmap of things you need to do to make an even more positive impact.

Yours in Strength,

Coach Rooney.
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