How A Coach Should “Lean In”

I hope this finds you and your family safe and well.  I know this is an incredibly challenging time. I also know the information contained in my past emails to you has hopefully prepared you with a little extra of the mental fortitude you will need right now.

I also apologize for not blogging for the last few weeks. With all the “noise” that was surely flooding both your digital screens and mind, I didn’t want to add to the overload.

Now that you and I are all temporarily settling into our “new normal,” I have had many requests for some “new motivation.”  I hope you find some quiet time to sit back, internalize the words and bounce back stronger.

You Are A Super Hero
Right now, you are being externally bombarded with more information than ever.

Right now, you will be internally challenged more than you have before.

Although you have probably read to “control what you can” or it is “time to be positive,” I know that it is easy to understand, but also difficult to do.I also know the current circumstances aren’t fair. But this isn’t about fair or tough, it is about doing what’s right for a short period of time.

Right now, it is the time to be the HERO you have read about in books and watched on film. And those people were only recognized as a HERO because of the valiant thoughts they had and valuable actions they took.

These people were also often called HERO because of the lives they saved or positively impacted in times of greatest need. Dreaming and imagining yourself as that hero has prepared you for this battle.

Dress rehearsal is over. Now it is your turn to save lives.

Right now the world needs you to play your part and although being a HERO in our current challenge requires less physically than it did from the heroes of our past, it still requires the same mental fortitude and focus.

Instead of thinking, “What’s the worst that can happen,” it is time to ask yourself, “What’s the BEST that can happen,” and make that idea contagious with others.

Right now, it is time to flatten the curve. But that does not require you to flatten your creativity or compassion. In fact, you will need more of that than ever.

Right now, you can be the best version of yourself.
Right now, you can make some of your weaknesses your best strengths.
Making the best of a tough situation, after all, what every HERO does.
And what is the best way a HERO can make the best of a tough situation?


Right now, a new race for us has begun.

The starter’s gun has sounded and it is time to move.

This is a race where we must play our part in society and defend the people close to us while also doing everything in our power to sustain the lifestyle we have created.

In the races I have watched over my career, the lead and ultimately the victory goes to the person who has the courage to LEAN IN.

At the start of a race, when you LEAN IN the most, you are the most off balance. You feel the most out of control until, through constant practice, the feeling to LEAN IN becomes the new comfortable.  But those people with the proper LEAN IN eventually learn you cover more ground faster and more efficiently. And the proper LEAN IN puts you into the lead of the other people who avoid risk the initial off-balancing due simply to fear or laziness.

You have heard me say that your life will not be determined by the number of days you “take off,” but by the number of days you “take on.”   Well it is not just time to like it warrior, it is time to live it too.

Right now, this is not a forced vacation. This is not the time to feel powerless or lost.  It is also not a time to point fingers or say what isn’t fair.  More than ever, this is not the time to take your foot off the gas or imagine what is not possible.  This is not the time to sit back.  It is your time to LEAN IN.


I’ve often heard things like “Crisis or challenges don’t develop character, they reveal it.”

Well, that’s true for other things in your life too.


Crisis doesn’t create your discipline, it reveals it.

Crisis doesn’t create your work ethic, it reveals it.

Crisis doesn’t create your family culture, it reveals it.

And whatever you reveal during this time, it is your choice. You have the power to better yourself, your family and habits. This is your opportunity to LEAN INand the world is watching more than ever.

Be clear, because clarity is power. Take this one day at a time.  But always keep in mind each day is a day closer to this being over. And it will be over. Where you finish and who you will emerge when we break the finish line together will have a lot to do with how you LEAN IN right now.

Now that we have started this race, you have to LEAN IN.


LEAN IN to your family. Give them support and lead with strength and love.


LEAN IN to your habits. Show discipline and create healthy routines around diet, sleep and exercise.


LEAN IN to your self-development. Take time to strengthen your current weaknesses.


By taking daily actions, each day we are going to get closer to the finish. How much will you LEAN IN for the tape?


Sometimes the race is won simply by who leans the most at the finish.  Over all my years of coaching, I have seen many people who start things, but stop just a yard short.  They forgot to LEAN IN when it counted the most.

And those meters and moments that they “took off” add up to a lifetime or mediocrity or failure.

My job is to make sure you don’t take a meter or moment off during this race.

Your job is to do the same for your community, family and for you.


Warriors get more excited as things get more difficult.

Warriors get tougher as things get tougher.

Warriors know how to LEAN IN.


Yours in Strength,