• Coaching Greatness: The Lectures - Bonus Content

    3 Lessons
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  • Coaching Greatness - Free Introductory Coaching Video Course

    6 Lessons
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    • Coaching Greatness - Free Introductory Coaching Video Course - $0.00
  • CG2: Coaching Greatness - The Workshop

    61 Lessons

    The Coaching Greatness Workshop is the interactive, coaching mentorship course Martin Rooney has taught in over 30 countries around the world to tens of thousands of people.

    In this course you will cover and use your course manual to rate yourself according to the:

    • The 5 most important and indispensable skills of a coach
    • The 10 super abilities of the greatest coaches
    • The 8 paradigms of a results-driven coach
    • The 7 actions of coaching success
    • The exercise for creating your Personal mission and vision
    • The Top 3 goal setting and career planning exercises
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    • CG2: Coaching Greatness Workshops - $395.00

    Because of the overwhelming positive response of the effects of the course, and knowing Martin can’t get to every major city or country around the world, we created this online version of the workshop for you.  This workshop is designed not only to teach you to be a coach for someone else, but also how... Read more »

  • CG1: Coaching Greatness - The Lectures

    61 Lessons

    The Coaching Greatness Lectures course is composed of Martin Rooney’s greatest lectures on the topics of coaching.

    Just Some Of The Things You’ll Learn In The Coaching Greatness Lectures Course:

    • The 5 Skills Needed For Successful Coaching Engagement
    • The Difference Between IQ and EQ
    • 5 Tips To Immediately Improve Your Ability To Connect With Others
    • The 10 Top Mistakes You Can Make While Coaching
    • 9 Leadership Secrets of the World’s Greatest Coaches
    • 10 Strategies To Increase Your Personal Mastery
    • How To Improve Your Ability To Communicate
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    • CG1: Coaching Greatness Lectures - $395.00