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Into The Roar 020: Ingrid Marcum

Want to know what it means to be really S.T.R.O.N.G.? No better place to learn than from a champion gymnast, weightlifter, bobsledder and fitness expert! On this episode, Martin is joined by Ingrid Marcum, who has been a scholarship athlete and U.S. national champion. During the show, Ingrid will share the physical and mental challenges she has experienced that have helped to shape both who she is today and the direction of her career. If you have any physical pain or would like an outlet how to succeed in more areas, this is one Into The Roar you need to hear!



Into The Roar 019: Amanda Rooney

Into the Roar - Amanda Rooney

Have you ever had some challenges in your closest relationships? Did you ever feel if you could get on the “same page” it could patch things up? On this episode, Martin is joined by his wife (and most requested guest), Amanda. During the show, the Rooney’s will cover the different chapters of their 18 years together and the tips they have learned by making some big mistakes. If you want some advice how you can either improve or save your closest relationships, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!


Into The Roar 018: James Jankiewicz

Into the Roar - James Jankiewicz

Would you like to reach a high level in more than one area of your life? How about 5 or 6? On this episode, Martin is joined by filmmaker, former stunt man, musician, martial artist, personal trainer, nutritionist, and philosopher, James Jankiewicz. During the show, James will share the secrets of managing energy and time when you have many interests. If you want to make a higher impact with your time, this is one episode of Into The Roar that is sure to deliver!


Into The Roar 017: Bobby Cappuccio

Into the Roar - Bobby Cappuccio

Do you have a career or a calling? If you have the former, but would like the latter, this episode of Into The Roar will show you how to do it! On this episode, Martin is joined by fitness industry thought leader, Bobby Cappuccio. During the show, Bobby will share his incredible rise from an abusive childhood, facial deformity and Tourette’s syndrome to inspiring thousands per year around the world. If you want to learn how to succeed by contributing to other people’s success, listen to this episode and take action!


Into The Roar 016: Liane Blyn

Into the Roar - Liane Blyn

Would you like to know how one girl from a small town became one of the strongest women of all time? On this episode, Martin is joined by his friend and world champion powerlifter, Liane Blyn. During the show Liane will share the challenges she has faced and conquered in order to not only be a collegiate strength coach, but also a champion athlete. If you want to learn some secrets about training, time management or how to set your personal attitude for success, this episode will give you the strength you need!


Into The Roar 015: Martin Rooney Sr.

Into the Roar - Martin Rooney Snr

Want to hear the host of Into The Roar finally get interviewed on his own show?  How about this interview is performed by his dad!  On this episode, Martin is joined by his father, also Martin Rooney.  During the show, Martin Sr. will share some of Martin’s funny stories from his youth and ideas how he believes Martin Jr. developed into the person he is today.  If you can imagine how funny it would be to have your own father interview you, this is one funny episode with double the Martin Rooney power!


Into The Roar 014: Dr. Rob Gilbert

Into the Roar - Dr Rob Gilbert

Want to know the secrets of success from a man that has studied successful thinking for the last 40 years? On this episode, Martin is joined by professor, professional speaker, author, Dr. Rob Gilbert. During the show, Dr. Gilbert and Martin share some of the most important sport psychology tips you can use to improve time management, health and motivation. If you are looking for some easy-to-apply tools to enhance your job or life, tune in and go INTO THE ROAR.


Into The Roar 013: Dave Butz

Into the Roar - David Butz

Want to know what it takes to succeed in the ultra-competitive world of professional sports? On this episode, Martin is joined by top NFL sports agent of one of the most successful sports agencies in the world, Dave Butz. During the show, Dave will not only tell his amazing story how he became a real world “Jerry Maguire,” but also share powerful insights which helped him through Notre Dame, law school and the biggest challenge a parent could ever have to face.


Into The Roar 012: Joseph Damato

Into the Roar - Joseph Damato

Would you like to know the secret techniques how a lowly intern moved up to prominent positions at both the NHL and NASCAR?  On this episode, Martin is joined by current V.P. of at Joe Gibbs racing Joseph Damato, who now works with multimillion dollar brands on a daily basis.  During the show, Joseph will show you the necessary skills he used to successfully climb the corporate ladder.  If you want to know his four “magic” words to get whatever you want, don’t miss this inspirational episode.


Into The Roar 011: Adam Bornstein

Into the Roar - Adam Bornstein

Want to get inside the head of a NY Times Best Selling Author and former editor for media giants Men’s Health and Livestrong?  On this episode, Martin is joined by author extraordinaire Adam Bornstein.  During this show, Adam will cover the secrets behind some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the world.  If you want some tips to instantly make you more successful, this is the episode of Into the Roar that is a must listen.